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ServiceM8 is a cloud-­based job management solution purposefully designed for a broad range of smaller sized, service-based businesses. 

From creating job quotes to invoicing and payment collection, ServiceM8 provides real­time information on what jobs are active, what quotes have been issued to clients, and where and when your staff are at client sites. 


Setting ServiceM8 apart from its competitors is its combination of being low-cost while providing high value features. ServiceM8 has been thoughtfully designed to be used in the real world. It has struck a beautiful balance between delivering benefits through leading technology while remaining accessible with a "small business friendly" price point. 

Low Cost

There are very few  competitors that compete with ServiceM8 on pure cost. Simply put, it is one of the lowest cost job management platforms on the market today. If you find a competing product at a comparable cost, you can almost gaurantee it will lack in features when compared to ServiceM8. Or if you find a competing product based on feature parity, you will quickly learn it will come at a significantly higher price point.

High Value

A low cost of entry doesn't mean skimping on quality or features. The team at ServiceM8 deliberately decided to be an Apple iOS exclusive. This means they have gone "all in" to make the best real-world experience they possibly can on the most trusted mobile platform in the world. It does mean that to recieve the full benefit of using ServiceM8, you and your team will need to use iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. When you compare the average lifespan and total cost of ownership between iPhones/iPads to their Android equivalents, you will learn that ServiceM8 starts making a lot of sense, and potentially saving you a whole bunch of dollars as well.


ServiceM8 is fantastic for the smaller sized, service-based business. So what is "small" and "service-based"?

Ideally suited for the smaller business...

Smaller-sized businesses tend to have between 1 and 50 staff involved with managing client jobs coming through a variety of channels such as phone, email, SMS messaging, and online. You might be a busy sole operator servicing a specific territory, or you might have a medium-sized team of part time contractors,  permanent employees and some office administrators.

...and the service-based business

Examples of service-based businesses include trades (plumbing, gas, electrical, builders), cleaning, owner-operator drivers, labour hire, or any business where you might provide specialist onsite or offsite services.

Rather than businesses who rely on long, drawn out sales motions, extended consultancy engagements, or program management timelines, ServiceM8 is instead ideally suited to businesses that deal with jobs that are generally transactional in nature, with relativley short life-cycles, e.g. spanning from a few minutes through to a few days. You will be the type of business that often provides a quote to a client before they accept and commit to proceed. And you are probably managing and coordinating several of these jobs every day and every week.


Our Services

for new and existing clients

ServiceM8 StartUp

ServiceM8 provides everything you need to manage your jobs, staff and customers in each plan. We can help you select and setup the right plan for your business.

Custom Forms

Custom Forms is a powerful and time saving feature of ServiceM8. We design the forms you need, such as Task Analysis, Job Completion, Hire Agreements, etc.

Integration & Automation

We can help integrate and automate your ServiceM8 system using our advanced WorkM8 Automation SaaS managed service offering. Learn more.

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Matt Coughtrey
Matt Coughtrey
May 20, 2024.
The detail Franco went into was unbelievable really. I’m not great with tech and he ran through t servicem8 with me and even set mine up through screen sharing. Couldn’t have asked for anything more
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas
May 11, 2024.
Franco Did an amazing job at walking me through the Service m8 in a way was relevant to my business and my work process!
Lisa White
Lisa White
April 19, 2024.
Outstanding service from start to finish. Franco and the team at WorkM8 provided professionalism and expertise producing our Service Report. Highly recommend for anyone in need of professional and reliable service.
George K
George K
April 11, 2024.
Thanking Franco for his expertise and guidance. 5 star service!
Melanie Lovett
Melanie Lovett
April 9, 2024.
Franco has recently helped us in setting up and implementing ServiceM8 for our company. Throughout the project, he has always presented himself in the most professional manner, absolute patience and immaculate presentation and detail which really assisted us to understand the benefits of ServiceM8 and its flexibility to suit our needs. It's been an absolute pleasure working with him and I personally have learned a lot from his style of project management which I find extremely useful and effective. Thank you so much Franco for everything you have done for us so far and being so accommodating. All the best!!!!
Office Capital Hoist Repair
Office Capital Hoist Repair
March 14, 2024.
The depth of Franco’s knowledge re: Service m8 is amazing. He presents exceptionally well. I suggest everyone does the coaching he offers
Shane Webster
Shane Webster
February 1, 2024.
Franco is the best always puts in the effort to help cheers mate
Roy Perlus
Roy Perlus
January 25, 2024.
Excellent Workm8 Consultant - Highly Recommended! I had a remarkable experience working with a Franco who exceeded my expectations. His expertise, communication skills, and dedication were outstanding. He provided valuable insights, met deadlines, and delivered high-quality work. I highly recommend him for his exceptional service. Thank you!
Alex Morrison
Alex Morrison
January 17, 2024.
Very Knowledgeable without overcomplicating things. Highly recommend Franco