Upscale Podcast (October 2023)

I was recently invited into a podcast by UpScale who specialise with providing tailored business coaching services to trade business owners, especially electricians and plumbers in particular. The topic? ServiceM8 of course! Listen to Podcast From this podcast, you’ll learn that it is clear that ServiceM8 is positioned as a versatile solution particularly aimed at …

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Customising Badges

Have you ever wanted to create your own customised badge for use within ServiceM8? This post explores the option of how to do just that. Part of the ServiceM8 experience is the use of badges. The idea of badges, however, can seem a bit perplexing, particularly for ServiceM8 newcomers. This may stem from the array …

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An Affordable Workaround to Branded SMS

As a business owner, you understand that branding plays a critical role when communicating to your customers. It not only distinguishes your business from competitors but also establishes a unique identity that your customers can recognise and connect with. In this post, we explore how to brand SMS messages in your ServiceM8 system.

Crafting a Unique Email Signature with ServiceM8: A Step-by-Step Guide

ServiceM8 offers a unique feature that allows users to use custom HTML-formatted email signatures. In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a personalised email signature using a free email signature generator, incorporating ServiceM8’s field codes, and fine-tuning the HTML code for the perfect finish. Step 1: Design your Signature Begin by …

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