Custom Forms

We are experts with building ServiceM8 Forms

We can make your custom forms look smart, and we can also make them be smart

Look Smart = Design

If your form documents are being sent to customers, how they look will be a direct reflection of your business brand. 

Designing a good looking form is an art. We design impactful layouts for professional looking forms that can strengthen your brand.

Be Smart = Expert Knowledge

ServiceM8 can use conditional rules to make forms intelligent, efficient, or both. This requires an in-depth understanding of how to get the most from ServiceM8’s form logic combined with a lot of expertise using Microsoft Word merge fields. We know how to build smart and efficient forms. 

There are countless potential ways you could use ServiceM8 Forms, but they can have limitations. Learn more in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.


You are a service-based business. You are unique and have carved out a niche inside the industry. Your brand is trying to stand apart from the competition. You are doing things in ways your competitors are not.

Or perhaps, they are doing things in ways you want, and you need to replicate their success for yourself.

Whichever the case, forms could support and reinforce these goals. A custom form might be just what helps your business create these competitive advantages.

We've worked with many businesses where a custom form has done just that - successfully lifting them head and shoulders above their competitors. Professional customer-facing reports embedded with photos, checklists, recommendations, and proof of results being delivered. Emailed to the customer's inbox before leaving site.

It sets you apart, drives customer re-engagement, repeat business, and revenue growth. It's a wow factor.

ServiceM8 Forms are super powerful and functional. However, they can have limitations. Here are the main ones -

1. They are designed to have questions answered in a sequence, one question at a time. You start by answering the first question, then the second, and so on. You can forward and back one question at a time but some workflows won't find this ideal, especially if you often jump between different parts of your form while filling it in.

2. ServiceM8 Forms are intended to be started and finished (finalised) as a single event executed by one person. This is ideal for jobs where you are executing a specific procedure, like an inspection. However, if your workflow requires different questions within the form to be completed by different people over an extended time-frame like hours or days, then ServiceM8 Forms will not work for you. A very common example of this is Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) that require signing off by different staff over several days.

3. ServiceM8 Forms have limited ability for modification after they have been completed. Which might become an issue if your workflow requires modifying options or answers afterwards. ServiceM8 Forms will allow modifications to free-text fields, but not for any other fields types such multi-choice questions, photos, or signatures. 

The easiest way to determine if your existing form is suitable for ServiceM8 is to get in touch with us and we'll help you make that assessment.

This is a tough question, and the answer is (sorry) it depends.

Almost anyone can build a simple form in ServiceM8. They are relatively easy to create, perhaps a couple of hours up to a half a day.

But some forms can be very complex, and these may require substantial development time. Simply put, the more questions, conditional logic, and field codes needed for the form, the more time, effort, and cost is involved.

Not everybody is a designer. It requires skill and artistic creativity. Building a very complex form can also take programming and coding levels of expertise. And it's not just about the number of pages in a form. For example, we helped create a form that only needed to output a couple of pages, yet it needed over 700 conditional form questions in addition to 1000 nested field codes embedded into the Word template document. Easily 40 to 50 hours of effort.

This is the most common question, and often the most difficult to answer. Expect a basic custom form to start at $250 plus any applicable taxes, which equates to about 30 questions/answers with a bit conditional logic and a simple document template for the output. 

At the other end, highly complex forms with 100 to 200+ questions can easily take several days or weeks, and cost somewhere between several hundred to several thousands of dollars. 

We assess if a form is worth this kind of investment by running it through the desirability/feasibility/viability test, followed by a price/ quality/speed test (pick any two from that last list). If a form request passes these tests we may agree to building it. If not, we will tell you - because it won't be worth the investment for you or your business.

Yes, and you can find these in the ServiceM8 Form Store.

Pre-made forms can make sense because while they usually sit at the complex end of the development effort, they can also be much more cost effective as opposed to having a custom one-off form developed. This is because our initial investment to build them are being recouped every time one is bought.

If we believe your form will have a broader appeal to a larger market, we may well invest the effort to build it at a greatly discounted rate knowing we will recoup our costs in the future.

You can purchase our forms in the ServiceM8 Form store. Use your desktop browser to open your ServiceM8 Dashboard, then go Settings > Forms > Form Store.

See for yourself.Design Examples.

Below is showcase of some custom forms we had previously been commissioned to design and build. You will learn some of the backstory behind each, gain insight to the problems they helped solve, and how we turned them from ideas into working reality. 

Form Description Learn more
Advanced JSA Front Page Advanced Job Safety Analysis (JSA) - originally developed for an electrician, but now used by trades and service businesses across multiple industries. This form contains 190 questions covering hazards, controls, and PPE. But get this, it was designed to be completed in as little as 90 seconds.
Appliance Page 1 Gas Appliance Safety Check Report - this form was commissioned by a Melbourne-based plumber/gas fitter to provide his property management customers with a stunning yet flexible AS4575 gas appliance safety inspection and compliance report together with recommended quoted works.
Page 1 Main Plumbing Inspection Report - a request came through from a Sydney-based plumbing business who wanted his crew to upsell services during or after completing a job. This has since become one of our most popular forms on the ServiceM8 Form Store.