Streamline Operations with Digital Forms

Digital forms are essential for streamlining your operations, boosting efficiency and accuracy. Transitioning to digital reduces paperwork time, focusing more on customer service and job execution. They facilitate real-time data sharing, enhancing communication between field staff, office teams, and clients, and are eco-friendly and cost-effective, minimising physical storage and paper waste.

Transform Your Forms into a Brand Powerhouse

Beyond mere paperwork, your forms reflect your brand’s professionalism. At WorkM8 Consulting, we craft forms that are not just visually stunning but also resonate with your brand identity. Our goal? To create forms that look great and encapsulate your business essence, enhancing your brand image.

Discover the Possibilities, Navigate the Limitations

ServiceM8 Forms offer vast possibilities, and we’re here to help you leverage them. Despite certain limitations, our expertise ensures you get the most out of ServiceM8’s features. Check our FAQ section to learn more about the pros and cons.


ServiceM8 Forms aren't just about filling out fields; they bring a host of advantages that can significantly improve your business operations.

  1. Sophisticated Question Logic: With the ability to create complex question-and-answer workflows, these forms are designed for peak efficiency. This smart design minimizes unnecessary or redundant questions, reducing 'form fatigue' and encouraging staff to complete forms diligently rather than avoiding them.

  2. Customizable Design: The beauty of ServiceM8 Forms lies in their customization capabilities. Thanks to Microsoft Word integration for layout and design, the appearance of completed forms is highly adaptable, allowing you to tailor them to fit your brand and communication style perfectly.

  3. Overcoming Paper-Based Limitations: Unlike traditional forms that often suffer from missed questions, illegible handwriting, or the risk of being misplaced, digitized forms stored in ServiceM8 are securely attached to the job. This not only ensures data integrity but also provides easy access and reference.

  4. Seamless Sharing with Customers: Digitized forms can be effortlessly converted into PDFs and shared alongside quotes or invoices, enhancing customer communication. This ease of sharing ensures that customers stay well-informed and engaged throughout the service process.

ServiceM8 Forms leverage technology to transform routine paperwork into an efficient, reliable, and professional part of your business operations.

ServiceM8 Forms are powerful, but they have certain limitations. It's important to know these to see if they align with your workflow.

  1. Sequential Question Answering: These forms are structured for answering questions one after another. While you can navigate back and forth, this linear approach might not suit workflows that require frequent jumping between form sections.

  2. Single-Session Completion: Ideally suited for procedures like inspections, ServiceM8 Forms are designed to be completed in one go by a single person. If your process involves multiple people contributing over time, like in Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), then these forms might not be the best fit.

  3. Limited Post-Completion Modification: Once completed, modifying ServiceM8 Forms is restricted. You can change free-text fields, but options in multi-choice questions, photos, and signatures are set in stone. This could be a constraint if your process demands post-completion edits.

  4. Staff-Only Completion: ServiceM8 Forms are designed exclusively for completion by your staff using the ServiceM8 platform. This means they can't be sent to or filled out by customers directly. If your business model relies on customer interaction with forms, such as feedback or self-service assessments, this limitation is crucial to consider.

To assess whether ServiceM8 Forms are right for your existing forms, reach out to us. We'll help you evaluate and find the best solution for your needs.

For basic forms, the process is relatively straightforward. Most people can craft a simple ServiceM8 form in just a couple of hours, or up to half a day at most.

However, the complexity and time required ramp up significantly for more sophisticated forms. The intricacy of your form – think the number of questions, the depth of conditional logic, and the extent of field codes required – directly influences the time, effort, and cost involved.

Designing these advanced forms isn't just a matter of technical skill; it requires a combination of artistic creativity and programming-like expertise. The length of the form isn't always an indicator of complexity. For instance, we once developed a form that, although it only resulted in a few pages, incorporated over 700 conditional questions and around 1000 nested field codes within the Word template. This level of complexity can translate into a significant investment of time, often 40 to 50 hours or more.

When considering the cost of building a ServiceM8 form, it's crucial to understand the expertise and effort involved. While ServiceM8 and other online form builders are user-friendly enough for beginners to create basic forms, developing professional-grade, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional digital forms is a different ballgame.

Creating a top-notch digital form demands a fusion of distinct skills:

  • Process Design and Workflow: Expertly translating complex business processes into user-friendly digital workflows.
  • Creative Design and Layout: Achieving a balance between functional efficiency and engaging, brand-aligned visual appeal.
  • Code Development: Utilizing advanced coding techniques to enhance form functionality and behavior.

Hiring a professional digital form builder essentially means employing a trio of experts in one: a business process analyst, a graphic designer, and a software developer. Each of these skill sets alone can command rates ranging from $150 to $300 per hour.

Consequently, commissioning a custom ServiceM8 form typically starts at about $800, scaling up to $1700 or more, depending on the form’s complexity and specific requirements.

Looking for pre-made forms? You're in luck! Check out the ServiceM8 Form Store for a selection of ready-to-use forms.

Opting for pre-made forms can be a smart move. These forms often represent the more complex end of form development, yet they're a cost-effective alternative to bespoke, custom-designed forms. This is because the initial investment we've made in creating these forms is offset each time one is sold, making them more affordable for you.

Moreover, if we see that your specific form requirements could appeal to a wider market, we might consider developing it at a significantly reduced cost. We do this with the understanding that our investment will be recouped through future sales in the broader market.

To purchase our pre-made forms, simply access the ServiceM8 Form Store. Just log into your ServiceM8 Dashboard using a desktop browser, navigate to Settings > Forms > Form Store, and search for "WorkM8"

While we have taken every care and effort to create this add-on, as with any technology there comes a risk of data loss. By purchasing and using any of our forms or automation services, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions (T&C), and End User License Agreement (EULA), together with our Privacy Policy. These can be viewed here

Go FurtherWith Automation.

ServiceM8 Form Automation 

Let’s automate your ServiceM8 Forms. 

Picture a technician completing an inspection form onsite. If issues arise, imagine that form not only notifying the office but also creating a follow-up job in ServiceM8, complete with all necessary attachments and notes.

This automation saves time, cost, and effort, turning routine follow-ups into opportunities for additional revenue.

Learn more about WorkM8 Automation here.

External Forms

ServiceM8 Forms are designed exclusively for you and your staff to complete using the mobile app or online dashboard. In other words, they are not designed to be sent to customers for them to complete.

If you need external customers or suppliers to complete digital forms and attached back into your ServiceM8 job, we can help by integrating your system with a 3rd Party form builder: Fillout Forms or JotForm