Managing frequent visits to the same customer can become a logistical challenge, often resulting in an overwhelming number of individual jobs. Whether it’s daily cleaning services, regular maintenance checks, or consistent delivery schedules, the efficiency of handling these repeat visits is crucial for your business.

Introducing the Multi-booking Scheduler add-on for ServiceM8 – your solution to streamline repeat visits with unparalleled ease. Here’s how it transforms your scheduling workflow:

  • Centralise Repeat Visits: Easily create multiple bookings within a single monthly job card, eliminating the need to create new jobs for each visit.
  • Streamline Check-ins: Staff can easily check in and out of the same job throughout the month, significantly reducing admin time spent managing a high volume of jobs.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Ideal for businesses requiring regular customer site visits, including Domestic and Commercial Cleaning, Property Care, Maintenance, Pest Control, and Delivery services. It’s also perfect for scheduling internal jobs, such as weekly vehicle checks or recurring administrative tasks.
  • Complement Your Workflow: Works alongside ServiceM8’s existing add-ons, including Recurring Jobs + Reminders, depending on your unique operational needs.


If your business conducts frequent repeat visits to the same customer within a short timeframe, such as several times a month, the Multi-booking Scheduler add-on could significantly benefit you. This tool is particularly useful for:

  • Domestic and Commercial Cleaning businesses, for example, those providing daily or weekly cleaning services.
  • Commercial Property Care, Maintenance, and Pest Control businesses that require multiple return visits to a customer's site within a month.
  • Delivery businesses with regular pick-up and drop-off schedules.

The critical consideration is whether you're managing multiple site visits to the same customer each month. If so, this add-on can streamline your process by allowing you to create multiple bookings within a single monthly job card, reducing the need to generate a new job for each visit. This efficiency can significantly decrease the administrative time spent managing numerous jobs in your system.

Additionally, the Multi-booking Scheduler add-on could help you with internal jobs. For example, you might have a dedicated job which is kept open for each staff  in your team, and then use those jobs to assign them to internal admin tasks, vehicle inspections, toolbox team meetings, training, and any other duties internal to your business.  

The answer depends on your specific workflow:

  • For some, the Recurring Jobs + Reminders add-on remains the best option, particularly for jobs recurring between once a month to once a year.
  • In other cases, the Multi-booking Scheduler can complement the Recurring Jobs + Reminder add-on, creating the monthly jobs for each customer, followed by utilizing the Multi-booking Scheduler to fill those jobs with the necessary bookings.
  • Alternatively, for certain workflows, a 'yes'—you might create one 'master job' for each regular customer and use the ServiceM8 Partial/Progress Invoice add-on for monthly invoicing.

Ultimately, the decision hinges on your workflow and the combination of add-ons that best support your job management needs.

After launching the add-on, you'll receive a reauthentication warning at the 12-minute mark, followed by a 3-minute countdown timer. You can choose to dismiss this message. However, at the 15-minute mark, another alert will prompt the add-on to reauthenticate, requiring a restart upon clicking 'OK'.

This is because the add-on is built on ServiceM8's serverless infrastructure as a 'Simple Add-on', hosted directly on ServiceM8's internal servers for efficiency and security. However, this setup limits the add-on's run time to 15 minutes per session, necessitating reauthentication. We opted for automatic restarts over manual relaunches to minimize disruption, despite this being a countermeasure to the Simple Add-on's design ethos, which favors brief, singular transactions.

Although moving our add-ons to externally-hosted servers could circumvent this limitation, it would increase operational costs and, by extension, subscription prices. We've chosen to maintain affordability by accepting this minor inconvenience.

A couple of factors could cause this:

  • A staff member may have altered the job, leading to its removal from the queue. This can happen through changes to the booking time/assignment, moving the job to another queue, or marking it as 'Complete'. These actions are beyond the add-on's control, so training staff on proper checkout procedures is advisable.
  • The Queue Expiry date might have been set earlier than the final booking date. Ensure the expiry date accommodates all planned bookings.

Currently, the add-on does not support reassigning bookings from one staff member to another. It allows for the addition of new staff bookings or the removal of existing ones. While technically feasible, incorporating this functionality would significantly complicate the add-on, outweighing its benefits. The simplest approach remains using ServiceM8's default methods for staff assignment changes.

Yes, bookings made through the Multi-booking Scheduler add-on will trigger the Booking Reminder automation in ServiceM8, assuming it's enabled. However, to manage these reminders efficiently when creating multiple bookings, we advise a specific approach:

  1. Disable Booking Reminders: Before adding bookings to a job card, temporarily deactivate the Booking Reminder badge, remembering to first save and re-open the job card before moving to the next step. This prevents the system from generating reminders for each booking as you're setting them up.

  2. Manage Bookings: With the reminders off, freely add, adjust, or remove bookings on the job card without triggering any automated notifications.

  3. Re-enable Reminders: Once your bookings are finalized and you're satisfied with the setup, reactivate the Booking Reminder badge. This ensures that reminders will be sent out for the established bookings, keeping your clients informed of upcoming visits.

By temporarily disabling Booking Reminder badge before creating the bookings, you can better double-check to ensure that reminders will only be generated for your final list of bookings.

The Multi-booking Scheduler add-on is not compatible with the ServiceM8 Booking Confirmation automation, as this is triggered by ServiceM8's default booking process. While this limitation was not intentional, it notheless is a welcome one as it will prevent overwhelming customers with multiple confirmation notifications.

While we strive for seamless integration between the add-on and ServiceM8, the add-on's nature as an external enhancement means we cannot guarantee infallible performance. Always verify that bookings made through the Multi-booking Scheduler have been correctly applied to the job.

This feature addresses limitations in ServiceM8's job history tracking, particularly for jobs with numerous edits or cancelled bookings. By saving a snapshot of current bookings to the job diary before making changes, you can preserve a record of the original booking setup, mitigating potential history tracking issues.

The add-on is available in the ServiceM8 Add-on store. Log into your ServiceM8 Online Dashboard, click on the "Features & Integrations" option, and in the search field type "Multi-booking" to locate the add-on. Click into the add-on activation screen and then click "Connect".


While we have taken every care and effort to create this add-on, as with any technology there comes a risk of data loss. By subscribing to and using any of our add-ons, you are agreeing to our Terms and ConditionsEnd User License Agreement, and our Privacy Policy. Please read them carefully.

Job Bookings.Powered-up.

Create Bookings

  1. Open the desired job card
  2. Click the Multi-booking Scheduler button in the toolbar
  3. Select staff
    • To select more than one staff member at a time, hold down the ALT key (Windows) / CMD key (macOS)
  4. Set booking Duration
    • Choose up to 24 hours
    • Minutes are in 15 minute increments
  5. Set Start Date
  6. Set Recurrence End Type
    • By Specified End Date, or
    • By Number of Recurrences
  7. Recurrence End
    • The date if “By Specified End Date”, or
    • A number if by “Number of Recurrences”
  8. Set Recurrence Frequency
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
    • Custom
  9. Set Queue after Booking
    • Choose the desired job queue you want the job to be put into after all the new bookings have been created
    • Choose the expiry date that the job will expire from the selected queue
  10. Click “Create New Booking(s)” button
    • The new job bookings will be created in the job card
    • Depending on the number of bookings, this process may take several minutes

Remove Bookings

  1. Open the desired job card
  2. Click the Multi-booking Scheduler button in the toolbar
  3. Click “View Active Bookings” button
  4. Select bookings to remove
    • Select each booking to remove by clicking the checkbox next to each booking, or 
    • Click the “Select All” button to select all active bookings in the job 
  5. Click “Remove Bookings”

The selected bookings will be removed from the job. Note: if the job contains a lot of bookings, this process may take several minutes.

Save to Job

Click this button to save a list of all active job bookings as a text note in the job diary.