Advanced Job Safety Analysis


The Advanced Job Safety Analysis contains 190 questions covering hazards, controls, and PPE. But get this – it can be completed in as little as 90 seconds.

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The Advanced JSA is not your standard job safety analysis form. It contains 190 questions to cover hazard identification, controls, and PPE. And if the options don’t already exist in the form, you have the ability to define your own.

Sounds like a huge, complicated form right? Nope – we know that complicated forms mean you and your staff won’t use them. That’s why the Advanced JSA can be completed in as little as 90 seconds. No more excuses or complaints from your staff saying it takes too long to fill in a form. Improve your safe work compliance.

The Advanced JSA can help reduce the guesswork of rating overall risk. It cross-references its built-in risk matrix to automatically calculate risk based on how you rated overall probability (harm likelihood) and impact (consequence), returning an instant answer.

Completed Advanced JSA forms have also been designed to be easy to read. All answers are concisely summarised into a single page. No more trawling through pages of unused form fields or unnecessary information. See how well you and your staff assessed a job for hazards and controls in a single glance.

Take the form’s functionality up a level by enabling ServiceM8 Form Inbox automation to have you or your office alerted if a completed JSA triggers a ‘Cease Work’ condition.

Have an apprentice on the job? You can add their details and signature along with your own.

For an additional cost we can tailor the questions and answers (hazards, controls, and PPE) to better suit you and your business. We can also colour match the form with your brand. Please enquire.