Advanced Photo Report


Impress your clients with professional photo reports while reducing the size of your email attachments.

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If you regularly include multiple photo attachments in emails to your clients, the Advanced Photo Report is the way to go. Avoid confusion and massively reduce your email attachment sizes.

The Advanced Photo Report can handle up to 50 photos as a single PDF document in less than average the size of a *single* photo file attachment.

In addition to optional photo captions, each photo is automatically numbered, making it super clear which photo is which when discussing with a client over an email or a phone call.

Features and Benefits

  • Add up to 50 photos* in either portrait or landscape orientation
  • Eliminate large email sizes with multiple attachments – consolidate into a single, lightweight, and professional looking report.
  • 4 photos per page, each photo is automatically numbered for clarity.
  • Only necessary report pages are generated, e.g. 4 photos will produce a 1 page report, 5-8 photos will produce 2 pages, etc.
  • Option to add a customised caption to any photo.
  • Option to create a title for client clarity and purpose of report, e.g ‘Before Job Completion’ or ‘After Job Completion’.

Upon request we can colour match the form with your brand. Please enquire.

*Please note – reports containing a very large number of photos may sometimes require more than one attempt to save. This is a ServiceM8 back-end issue rather than a form issue. In such cases, a 2nd attempt is usually successful.