Upscale Podcast (October 2023)

I was recently invited into a podcast by UpScale who specialise with providing tailored business coaching services to trade business owners, especially electricians and plumbers in particular.

The topic? ServiceM8 of course!

  1. From this podcast, you’ll learn that it is clear that ServiceM8 is positioned as a versatile solution particularly aimed at trades and service-based businesses. Here’s some highlights from the show:

    Apple vs. PC Analogy – ServiceM8 is likened to Apple for its user-friendliness and design, whereas SimPro is compared to a PC, highlighting SimPro’s greater level of customisation and flexibility.

  2. Jack-of-All-Trades – ServiceM8 is a “jack-of-all-trades” product, designed to meet the broad needs of various service-based businesses, including electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and others in similar fields.

  3. Simple Job Structures – it is best suited for businesses with straightforward job structures, as opposed to complex, long-term projects.

  4. Operational Needs Over Size – the suitability of ServiceM8 is not necessarily about how large or small a business is, but more about if the operational needs of the business match what ServiceM8 offers.

  5. Quick Suitability Assessment – the importance of quickly determining if ServiceM8 is a good fit for a business.

  6. Exclusion of Fringe Cases – “fringe cases” where businesses may want to use ServiceM8, but it’s not suitable. ServiceM8 is versatile, but it’s not universal.