Project Viability Calculator

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Welcome to our Viability Calculator, designed to help you quickly evaluate the potential success and impact of introducing change, for example –

  • a new tool, asset, software subscription
  • a change of provider or service
  • or even a restructure of personnel, systems, policies, processes, and procedures

Whatever the reason you’ve decided for change, you also need to get clear on its viability before making it.

First, determine its feasibility – can it be done? It is a yes or no answer, it can or cannot be done. Second, assess the desirability – how desperate are you for this to happen? Really, what would happen if things were left as they are? Lastly, evaluate viability – will the cost and effort be worth it – financially, emotionally, or otherwise? Before using this calculator, spend time gathering key inputs, especially the price for making the change, the money it may save or create if actioned, and how fast you need it to happen (be honest).

NOTE: Using this calculator is subject to our EULA and Terms of Service and the results are purely for guideline purposes only.


1. Describe the change
2. Is the change feasible?
3. Proposed price for change ($)
Cost to implement change
4. Expected savings ($)
Costs to be reduced/saved
5. Expected revenue ($)
Generated revenue growth
6. Budget from [4] and [5] to fund change
7. Urgency for change
8. Impact of change